WEEK 3: Value Proposition

Welcome to the third week of the Collegiate Summer Venture Program!

Core Concepts: Value Proposition, Customer Discovery, Business Model Canvas, Networking, Startup Workshops at Springfield Innovation Fest and Demo Day

Outcome: Understanding of the value proposition canvas, dive deeper into the business model canvas, further understanding of who your customer is, networking and experience learning from other startups!


Sprint Planners

  • Update your Sprint Planner in this folder.

  • Every week, you will be expected to create a new slide in your Sprint Planner by 8:00 AM Monday morning.

Week 3 Presentation

  • There is no weekly presentation due this week, however make sure you are updating your slides weekly as you pivot, learn new information in customer interviews and grow as a business. This is an ongoing process. If you have had any major changes recently, make sure your slide deck is up to date for Monday as we will be doing a “Venture Swap”!

  • Prepare to listen, learn, network and ask questions at Springfield Innovation Fest on Wednesday and Demo Day on Thursday!


  • Continue tracking and conducting customer interviews!

Pitch Videos

  • Start looking for some of your favorite venture pitches online to share with the group later in the summer! There are numerous pitch videos on YouTube, Shark Tank, etc.


Use the Slack channel (#homework) for any other questions at any time. You can ping CSVP leadership directly at @Carly or @Dorota!