Week 9: Judging, Demo Day, and Awards Ceremony

August 21

8:45 AM - Check In

9:00 AM - Prep. Make sure your slides are all set!

9:15  AM - Judging. Much like shark tank, but now there is prize money on the line!

  1. MorningBird Media
  2. Ko-Aqua Kit
  3. American Mask
  4. Madhouse Music Group
  5. Never Lost
  6. FrontMe
  7. Love, Chloé
  8. Simply Smooth
  9. Absolute Temperature Sportswear
  10. Virbo
  11. Fitlinc
  12. Dustbunnies Professional Cleaning
  13. Replenish

1:00 PM - Adjourn

1:15 PM - Cohort Lunch. We buy y'all lunch and hang out!

August 22

3:00 PM - Setup for Showcase. Setup your Showcase booth.

4:00 PM - Group Postmortem

5:00 PM - Showcase. The public arrives and gets to stroll through the demo day showcase (and therefore meet you)!  Your friends and family are invited! 

6:00 PM - Intro Pitches. Every team gets on stage and does a 30 second pitch (no slides).

6:30 PM - Awards Ceremony. Big Foam Checks. Screaming for joy. Crazy awesome fun.

8:00 PM - Cleanup / Adjourn. Clean up your stuff.

Logistical information:

Total Space = about 3’ x 5’  

Table dimensions:  about 2’-6” x 3’ (We will provide a white table cloth.) You will share a table with another team or you can choose to forgo a table and just have an empty space that is 3’ x 5’. 

No access to a power supply. 

No wall space behind you.  You’re welcome to bring your own free-standing props, banners, etc.   

Examples of what your booth might look like: