Week 9: Judging, Demo Day, and Awards Ceremony

August 14

8:45 AM - Check in. 

9:00 AM - Week Ahead, The Finale! We make sure you have all the info you need to rock it this week!

10:00 AM - Q&A Practice at Booths. Quick, intensive feedback on the booth design and how you answer questions while there.

1:00 PM - Adjourn.

August 15


8:15 AM - Prep. Make sure your slides are all set!

Create & Deliver: Finals Presentation
Time limit - 8 min
Template - Funder Pitch Template
Filename - Finals-{MyCompanyName}
Location -  Deliverables Drop Off folder

9:00 AM - Judging. Much like shark tank, but now there is prize money on the line!

  1. Shesabelle Chandeliears
  2. The Travel Unicorn
  3. STEAMporio
  4. Vidvision
  5. Women Beyond Limits
  6. lymph + honey
  7. Lighthouse
  8. Zirui
  9. Mt. Mitho
  10. Studio 26
  11. El Cherufe Chile Paste
  12. redflowers
  13. Boman Container Homes
  14. Love Jones Renaissance Cafe & Lounge

1:00 PM - Adjourn

1:15 PM - Cohort Lunch. We buy y'all lunch and hang out!

August 16


12:00 PM - Cohort Lunch & Postmortem. We buy y'all lunch and you give us #LovinglyCritical feedback on the Accelerator.

3:00 PM - Setup for Showcase. Update your Showcase booth (if needed).

5:00 PM - Showcase. The public arrives and gets to stroll through the demo day showcase (and therefore meet you)!  Your friends and family are invited! Make sure you and everyone you invite RSVPs here!

6:00 PM - Intro Pitches. Every team gets on stage and does a 30 second pitch (no slides).

6:30 PM - Awards Ceremony. Big Foam Checks. Screaming for joy. Crazy awesome fun.

8:00 PM - Cleanup / Adjourn. Clean up your stuff :).

Logistical information:

Total Space = about 3’ x 5’  

Table dimensions:  about 2’-6” x 3’ (We will provide a white table cloth & a sign with your company name/logo.) You will share a table with another team or you can choose to forgo a table and just have an empty space that is 3’ x 5’. 

No access to a power supply. 

No wall space behind you.  You’re welcome to bring your own free-standing props, banners, etc.   

Examples of what your booth might look like: