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Beth Angelos.jpg

Beth (Curran) Angelos

Co-founder of Enrichment Express - helping parents bring fun & educational enrichment programming to their schools.

Tags: Startup Accelerator (SUA) 2017, education


Kym Arian

Co-founder & Chief People Officer at Prophit Insight (Startup Accelerator 2016) - a software company that helps healthcare providers to identify and acquire unique sources of physician referrals that will allow them to drive top-line growth.

Tags: Startup Accelerator (SUA) 2016 Finalist, healthcare, human resources (HR), artificial intelligence

maria belding.jpg

Maria Rose Belding

Co-Founder/Executive Director at MEANS Database (Startup Accelerator 2017) - Waste less, feed more. Nonprofit tech devoted to business-friendly food recovery.

Tags: SUA 2017 finalist, leadership, nonprofit, leveraging tech

Logan Carlson.jpg

Logan Carlson

Cofounder and CEO at AnyCafé - A company striving to develop hot beverage solutions for the future.

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, leadership, physical products

Evan Choquette.jpg

Evan Choquette

Co-Founder and CIO at at AnyCafé - A company striving to develop hot beverage solutions for the future.

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, physical products, engineering

Steven Jay Cohen.jpg

Steven Jay Cohen

Creative Director at Spoken Realms (formerly known as Listen2aBook) - Audiobook Production & Distribution

Tags: SUA 2017, creative professional, publishing, audio

Berit Elizabeth.jpg

Berit Elizabeth

Emotive Agility Expert Specializing in Body Language & Emotional Intelligence, founder of Emotive Agility Training

Tags: SUA 2017, public speaking, sales, fitness industry

Rachael Ellison.jpg

Rachael Ellison

Executive Coach & Business Consultant | Expert Trainer | Transformational Speaker
There is a powerful NPR series on her VVM startup, check out "Taking the Lead" episodes here.

Tags: SUA 2016 (Need/Done Inc), marketplace-based businesses, B2C, professional development, work/family balance

Devon Grodkiewicz.jpg

Devon Grodkiewicz

CEO & CoFounder at Wizio

Tags: SUA 2016, commercial real estate, virtual reality, software development 

Judi Grupp.jpg

Judi Grupp

CEO of New England Breath Technologies, serial entrepreneur

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist (tied for top $$ winner), healthcare, medical devices, leadership, raising angel/VC $$

Malcolm Howard.jpg

Malcolm Howard

Founder, ProjectMQ

Tags: SUA 2017 finalist, video games, software development, community


Erin Keaney

COO and Co-Founder of Nonspec

Tags: SUA 2017 Finalist, healthcare, medical devices, physical products

Joe Khoury

Co-Founder/ Owner at iRollie

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, physical products, community

Ajay Kumar

PhD Student at UMass Amherst and founder of GeneRisk. GeneRisk offers a saliva test to determine your someone's autism genetic profile.

Tags: SUA 2017, science-to-business, autism, customer discovery

Chris Landry.jpg

Chris Landry

Helping World-Changing Organizations Tell Their Stories. Co-founder of HabitStacker.

Tags: SUA 2017, storytelling, pitching, nonprofit fundraising, habits & psychology


Alexandros Louizos

Artificial intelligence developer, Vascular Surgeon, Founder NanoTechGalaxy, AI to save lives.

Tags: SUA 2016, TechStars Alum, MassChallenge Alum, raising angel capital, science-to-business., artificial intelligence

Marcie Muehlke

Founder & CEO at Celia Grace

Tags: SUA 2016 Winner, fair trade, nonprofits, physical products, wedding industry

Ric Pratte.jpg

Ric Pratte

Chief Executive Officer & CoFounder at AlignMeeting, serial tech entrepreneur

Tags: SUA 2017, software development, Software As A Service (Saas), freemium business model, digital marketing.

Michael Rust (Available after July 11th)

Chief Technology Officer at New England Breath Technologies, professor at Western New England University.

Tags: SUA 2017 Finalist (tied for top $$ winner), science-to-business, engineering, medical devices, testing

Stephanie Sanders.jpg

Stephanie Sanders

Founder & Publisher at Community Horse Media

Tags: SUA 2017, publishing, bootstrapping (grew her business for 17 years without outside funding!), equestrian sector (AKA horses :))

Akshaya Shanmugam.jpg

Akshaya Shanmugam

Entrepreneur | Electrical Engineer | Co-founder of Lumme

Tags: SUA 2017 finalist, science-to-business, grants (especially SBIRs), selling into large companies, health insurance, trough of sorrow

Luke Shepter

Cofounder, iRollie | Senior concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics at Boston College

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, physical products, community

Hannah Stern

Stakeholder Relations Manager at Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling

Tags: SUA 2017, science-to-business, municipal governments/agencies, chemical & biological engineering

Layla Tabatabaie (Available after July 10)

Attorney; Author; Founder @bartersugar; Co-founder @talemonster

Tags: SUA 2016, legal, marketplace-based businesses, recruiting developers

Wayne Thresher

Managing Partner at DaVinci Arms LLC

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, engineering, physical products, firearms


Stephen Tongue

Co-founder of Streamliners, Streamliners sells aerodynamic devices to the trucking industry, saving $4,000/truck per year in fuel costs, paying for itself in 3 months.

Tags: 2017 finalist, engineering, physical products, computer simulation of physical products, building channel partners

Chris Urciuoli

Co-Founder and COO of AnyCafé Inc.

Tags: SUA 2016 finalist, financials, taxes

Michele Verley

Founder of Idea2Career - On a mission to help young people to discover what they're meant to do... and then helping them to make it happen.

Tags: SUA 2017, VVM Mentorship Program alum, education sector, EdTech, selling into school systems 

Anthony Wilson

Founder of OfCouncils, aiming to become the E-Lance of the legal profession. City Clerk at City of Springfield, Massachusetts

Tags: SUA 2017, legal, marketplace-based-businesses