Welcome to the Peer Review Home Page!
Round 2 closes at 11:59 PM EST 3/28/19.

Step 1 - Pick ONE delegate from your company to complete the Peer Review...ok and go!

Step 2 - Find your group. Each startup is assigned to a group of about 20 other startups. There are three groups. You will know you have the right group when you see your name in the packet in Step 3. If you do not see your startup name in any of the packets, email Stephannie or Carly immediately.

Step 3 - Get your packet. This packet will have 20+ startups listed in it with personal information removed. All that’s left is the company names and the answers to the 4 questions where we asked you about your startup. Make sure that you see your startup’s name on it - that’s how you know you have the right one! You can print this out or view it on the computer. Please note that the first page shows examples of how to score the answers you will see.

Step 4 - Open the peer review scoring form. Read each startup’s answers and answer the coordinating questions on the form. Score the companies as they appear in the packet (alphabetically). Do not score yourself, it doesn’t count. Note that the first page of the packet has suggestions on how to use the full 0-10 scale. You are also REQUIRED to enter Lovingly Critical Feedback - we recommend writing one thing the startup answered well and offering one or two suggestions on where they could improve.

For example: “Company XYZ - I really have a clear understanding of your customer, great job explaining exactly who they are. However, I didn’t understand how the product solves their problem. I’d love more information on the benefits of the product.”

Not taking the time to complete this part thoughtfully will result in not advancing to the next round.

Step 5 - Verify that all your scores are in. You should see a green box next to YOUR startup name - this tells you that you are done. If you see a red or purple square and you thought you were done, email Dorota immediately.

Have additional questions? Email Stephannie or Carly.
Please include your company name!