Week 10: Graduation

Welcome to the last week of the Collegiate Summer Venture Program!

Graduation Week Presentation:

  • We’re using a specific Graduation template this week
    You only have 2.5 minutes.

  • Make a copy of the attached template and update your presentation to the CSVP folder here.

    • There are no exceptions for why your slides should not be in the correct folder.
      You will not pitch if your slides are not uploaded correctly or on time.

  • The file name must be named {MyCompanyName}_FINAL. Renaming the file allows the staff to move more quickly, please be cognizant that you are following all of the instructions outlined above.

Event Registration:

Please register and invite folks using this link: http://bit.ly/July29CSVP


Logistical information:

  • Total Space = about 3’ x 5’  

  • Table dimensions:  about 2’-6” x 3’ (We will provide a white table cloth & a sign with your company name.) You will share a table with another team or you can choose to forgo a table and just have an empty space that is 3’ x 5’. 

  • No access to a power supply. 

  • You’re welcome to bring your own free-standing props, banners, etc.   

Reading & Slides:


Use the Slack channel (#homework) for any other questions at any time. You can ping CSVP leadership directly at @Carly or @Dorota!