Collegiate Accelerator 2018 Feedback

  • Peer Review Feedback - This is all the results from the Peer Review Round
  • Screening Party Feedback - All companies who participated in the general screening party or video interview process are shown the average of each of the five questions they were asked by the judges.

Transparency is very important to us. What you are seeing when you look at both of these spreadsheets is RAW data, which we normalize (MIT style), so that all scores come out fairly. This includes dropping both the highest and lowest scores from your score for both processes and using standard deviation and the mean of the scores to come to a final score for you. This allows us to account for individuals and groups that are overly generous or very stingy with their scores.

To read your data:

Peer Review Feedback: Everything is sorted alphabetically by "What Company are you scoring?" (Column B). Not every group had the same number of participants and some companies opted out - that's ok! Everyone has at least 15 pieces of peer feedback. Simply find your name in Column B and read across. 

Screening Party Feedback: Everything is listed in alphabetical order. Find your startup name in column A and read across to see the average score you got for each question. This is RAW data, so the scores that you see here do not necessarily reflect the startups that will be accepted into the program.